We build for your needs. No matter the climate or location of your agricultural building, Allied is prepared and experienced to give you the best product, at a price that meets your budget.

Riding Arenas

Spacious, solid and well lit riding areas bring us all joy. Steel buildings are not only durable, they provide quiet and safe environments for horses. All Allied Equine Structures are engineered to withstand the harshest weather conditions, while maintaining the integrity of the building.


Our clients receive a prefab structure best-suited to their warehousing needs. From design to completion, our engineering team is equipped to handle the most complex projects.


Do-it-yourself workshops are easy when you work with Allied. Our prefab metal building kits are unloaded ready to assemble fast and easy. You can count on our team members to guide you through the entire process.


Our experienced engineering team has successfully designed complex and functional metal buildings that are equipped to support heavy suspended loads. We always take into account additional considerations…


From office space, to metal retail buildings, strip-malls and supermarkets… we have the experts to get the job done efficiently, at a price that will not break the bank.


What makes us enjoy building for the spirits industry is our customer's passion behind their product. Whether it’s craft or large production, there is always a great story behind the product, and we enjoy playing our role of bringing that story out in our customer's facility design.


Community development does not happen overnight. It takes careful strategy and planning. Enhancing your community is affordable, fast, and seamless when you work with our experienced team.

Aircraft Hangars

We have experts with decades of experience in aviation. Our dedicated team takes the time understand your needs and build to your specifications.


Our staff specializes in building for the cannabis industry. From project management and cost solutions, to precise dimensions and timelines, we understand what growers need.


We build for your needs, no matter the climate or location of your recreational building. Whether it's an indoor gymnasium or open airnasium, Allied is prepared and experienced to give you the best product, at a price that meets your budget.

Cold Storage

Our cold storage buildings are constructed of high strength quality grade steel and meet established dodes & standards. Allied's cold storage buildings can meet both your refrigeration & freezer needs.


A metal building kit, or steel building kit, is a building that has been pre-designed and pre-engineered to a client’s specifications. The building is then pre-fabricated, each piece is pre-cut, pre-drilled, pre-welded, and pre-painted, then transported to the job site for a quick and easy bolt-together kit assembly.

The pre-engineered building system consists of main framing elements that support roof and wall structural members and exterior finishes. The combinations and applications of these members provide numerous options for customized solutions, adapting to the various needs of space planning, vertical clearances and building functionality.

  • Optimized engineering designs ensure efficiency and cost effectiveness.
  • Material assembly and welded connections performed under strict quality control measures at the factory ensure structural integrity.
  • Bolted connections facilitate ease of installation during construction, saving on labor costs.

With over 5,000 metal building kits delivered for virtually every industry in over 65 countries, the Allied staff is well versed in what is required for your particular building needs. We are confident that our involvement in this project will ensure a successful execution, on time, and within budget.