Multistory Steel Office Building

At Allied, we believe that referrals are the holy grail of recognition for a job well done. Because we place client satisfaction at the center of everything we do, we jump at opportunities to serve clients that are referred to us by our existing and/or past clients. CEAC Outsourcing, was referred to us by a client in Jamaica.

CEAC is a human-resource management, staffing supply, logistics, and business support services company that needed help building a new business process outsourcing (BPO) facility in Kingston, Jamaica. Allied’s experience in Jamaica was extensive with dozens of projects completed in the island. From simple storage structures to commercial retail buildings, aircraft hangars and even a non-profit animal shelter.

After reviewing the scope of the project — a multistory steel office building that would serve as an office for over 700 associates — it was immediately clear that our companies were a great fit to collaborate to deliver the project successfully. Our seasoned teams, swift communication style, accountability, and solutions-oriented minds would certainly result in a successful project.

One of the top challenges on this project was the fact that the original design for the facility was actually concrete. However, Allied was able to transfer the architect’s vision from concrete to steel, saving the client not just money on the building materials but also making installation significantly more efficient. All detailing, engineering, and fabrication were completed on time, and Ferry BPO31 was born!

Allied Solution
We optimized the architectural design by using insulated metal panel accents along with vertical wall support structure for horizontal panels, resulting in a modern, four-story building with sophisticated and secured reception areas on each floor; large floor plans that allow for over 700 associates to work and collaborate; executive suites; storage rooms; IT server rooms; power-supply rooms; state-of-the-art training rooms; and even a strikingly beautiful rooftop cafe, hosting 110 seats and a commercial-grade kitchen. The rooftop will boast an adjacent recreational area that includes a basketball court.

The building meets, and in some cases exceeds, all international codes. It’s environmentally friendly, comfortable, cost-effective, safe, and reliable.

One of the most rewarding aspects of our account manager’s responsibility is to serve as a consultant to our clients. Sharing knowledge and generating awareness about the many advantages of steel building construction is very gratifying to us – it helps our clients gain efficiencies while also generating mutually beneficial repeat business opportunities. By allowing us to serve them, Ferry BPO31 will enjoy improved strength, efficiency, durability, sustainability, and safety — all while reaping the benefits of the affordability of steel over other materials.


Location: Kingston , Jamaica
128 ‘ x 130 ‘ x 40
Square Footage: 16,640
Industry: Commercial
Multistory Steel Office Building in Jamaica
Article Name
Multistory Steel Office Building in Jamaica
Multistory Steel Office Building delivered to Jamaica
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