Roof Panels

Standard Metal Roof Panels

Standard PBR Panel
Standard PBR Profile steel building panel SStandard PBR Profile
Application Roofs, Walls, Fascias, Soffits
Coverage Widths 36″
Rib Spacing 12″ on Center
Rib Height 1 & 1/4″
Gauges 26 (standard); 22, 24, 29 (optional)
Minimum Slope 1/2:12
Panel Attachment Exposed Fastening System
Finishes Smooth (standard)
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A PBR roof panel is a 36″ wide panel with 1 1/8″ high ribs on 12″ centers. It is available in 24 and 26-gauge steel. The 80,000 pound per square inch yield enhances “walkability”, resistance to hail damage and load carrying capacity. The purlin bearing leg design makes panel alignment and fastener engagement consistent. Weather-proofing is achieved by means of a tape sealant at the panel laps which prevents water migration and air infiltration. PBR roof panel fasteners are coated with an organic material that is seven times more resistant to rust than the typical cadmium-zinc coated fasteners. The system has both 30 and 90 classification from (UL) Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., for wind uplift resistance. Shell white is standard, but other colors are available as a special order.

Also available in the reversed rolled option, where fasteners are in the main ribs.

Insulated Metal Roof Panels

Vertical Standing Seam Panel
Insulated Metal Roof Panels
Insulated Metal Panel (IMP) Standing Seam Profile
Application Roofs
Widths 42″ (standard); 30″, 36″ (optional)
Thickness 2″, 2 &s; 1/2″, 3″, 4″, 5″, 6″
Gauges Exterior: 24, 22 | Interior: 26, 24, 22
Length Recommended maximum of 50′
Panel Attachment Concealed Fastening System
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A Standing Seam roof panel system offers a primary advantage over a standard “exposed fastener” roof panel in that there is virtually no maintenance required throughout the life of the roof system. Since the assembly of this metal roof system does not require the use of thru-fasteners, the panel’s integrity is not compromised. In addition, the Standing Seam roof panel has an integrated weather-proofing strip which upon installation, creates a weather-proof seal for further protection from water and air intrusion. Also, many architectural profiles are available in this roof panel system to adhere to architectural and aesthetic preferences.

Installation of a Standing Seam roof panel is greatly reduced due to its’ simple yet clever design and can be highly energy efficient when ordered in select color finishes. Tax incentives are available for this type of metal roof system. This roof panel can be equally utilized on new projects as well as on retro-fit projects for pre-existing structures. Have peace of mind knowing your roof system will perform as new for many years of maintenance-free protection. For additional information, please inquire with an Allied Project Manager.

The roof panels are heavy 22 or 24-gauge steel materials with long life coating adding to the panels ultra-durable performance. (UL) Underwriter’s Laboratories class 90 rating for wind uplift resistance reduces maintenance costs. Shell white is standard, but other colors are available as a special order.

Exposed Fastener Utility Panel
Exposed Fastener Utility IMP (Roof and Wall) Exposed Fastener Utility IMP (Roof and Wall)
Application Roofs, Walls
Widths 36″
Coatings see colors here .

Architectural Metal Roof Panels

Trapezoidal Standing Seam Roof Panel
Trapezoidal Profile Trapezoidal Profile
Application Roofs
Coverage Widths 12″, 18″, 24″
Minimum Slope 1/4:12
Panel Attachment Concealed Fastening System, Low, High, Fixed and Sliding and a 2″ Stand off Clip
Finishes Smooth (standard); Embossed (optional)
Coatings see colors here .

Designed for strength, durability and weather-ability. The rake/gable at both ends of each roof system eliminates the necessity of finishing in the low, at part of the panel where the greatest possibilities for leaks occur in many other systems. All trim is attached after the roof is installed. These systems can be used on all types of construction, including metal, masonry or wood for either new or retrofit construction.

Vertical Standing Seam Roof Panel
Vertical Standing Seam Roof Panel Vertical Standing Seam Roof Panel
Application Roofs
Coverage Widths 12″, 16″
Minimum Slope 1/4:12
Gauges 24 (standard); 22, 26 (optional)
Panel Attachment Concealed Fastening System, Low, High (fixed or floating), Utility (no insulation clearance)
Finishes Smooth Striated (standard); Embossed Striated (optional)
Coatings see colors here .

The vertical leg systems blend the aesthetics of an architectural panel with the strength of a structural panel. These panels have earned several UL uplift ratings, assuring reliability of performance, while also providing flexibility to meet design challenges.

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