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Can i put windows and doors on my steel building?
Of Course!

All of our designs may be customized to integrate windows, doors, lights, vents, and many more. Let us know what you want and we will be glad to help you customize your building.

Can you deliver my building right to my door?

With 8 primary factory locations in Tennessee, New York, Iowa, California, Washington Indiana, Texas (export), and Georgia, as well as 8 partner factories all around the United States and Canada, we are able to deliver our buildings anywhere throughout the Americas and the world.

Are the steel frames safe and secure?
As solid as the Rock of Gibraltar.

All building frames are engineered to meet the demands of each building design and the local job site structural building codes.

What if I don’t know what type of a building I need?
That's what we're here for...

Identify the building’s needs. Whether it is a shop, a warehouse, a plant or a garage, it's as simple as length, width, height and building use. No worries if you are not sure of the size or specifications, an Allied Specialist is just one phone call away!

Will my building conform to local building codes?
You betcha!

Allied Steel Buildings are engineered to meet the terms with all U.S. and International building codes.

Do I have to be a professional to erect a building?
You're the professional...

Many of our customers choose to erect their buildings themselves. Included with every building is an easy-to-follow building manual. You may also choose to hire a contractor to put up your building. Not sure who to call? We will connect you with someone in your area that has trusted experience erecting buildings.

How long will it take to get my building delivered?
You tell us.

We will work with you to make sure your building is delivered when you need it, on time and on budget.

Can I choose the design and color of my building?
Paint away Picasso.

Choose from a pallet of colors to design your wall panels, trim, accessories and roof. We design according to your building needs and specifications.

Can you convert a conventional steel design into a PEMB Design?

We will work with you and convert the material design to the appropriate PEMB design for your project.

Can you design multistory buildings?

PEMB are a good option for low rise multistory buildings. We can also offer coventional steel and hybrid options based on the project requirements.

Will an Allied Steel building meet my local building codes?

Allied Steel Buildings are engineered and guaranteed to meet or exceed all structural municipal and local U.S. and International building codes.

Can you expand a steel building?
Yes you can.

If you opt for expandable walls, your steel building will be able to hold additional frame loads at a later date, to allow your building to expand.

What are your building lead times?
It depends.

We tailor our approach, fabrication location and solution to your need, and timeline. We offer Red Iron & Cold Formed materials, fabricated throughout the globe.

Do you offer conventional steel design solutions?

We will design your structure to meet the need. Whether that be a Pre-Engineered (PEMB), Conventional Steel, Or Hybrid solution, we'll help find a solution that is right for you.

Can you use PEMB for any facility?

Steel buildings can be used in a number of applications including commercial retail buildings, Trendy breweries or event centers, industrial warehousing, aviation hangars, equestrian riding arenas and much more.

Why is a cheaper steel building not the right decision?

Many clients only purchase a steel building once. Thus, it's crucial to trust the company you go with and understand the purchase and fulfilment process. At Allied, our client satisfaction is our primary measure of success, and our process is transparent to our clients. We are committed to every detail of your project. Many companies cut costs by outsourcing their engineering overseas, and fabrication to the lowest bidder. You may have an initial cheaper cost, but those costs will add on later in escalated construction costs, when the building doesn't erect properly. Examples of common issues include, welding needed for custom fabrication, missing or misaligned parts, and delays in shipment, which will all increase your total costs.

What Is A PEMB Building?

A PEMB building, or Pre-Engineered Metal Building, is a building system made up of steel components that are pre-engineered & pre-fabricated into steel building kits. PEMB buildings bold together on-site.

What are prefabricated steel buildings?

A prefabricated steel building is a building system that is engineered for a specific location. With prefabricated steel buildings, the majority of the labor is done before the building is even delivered to the jobsite. The welding, drilling and cuts are done prior to delivery.

What are some benefits of a prefabricated steel building?

Some benefits of a prefabricated steel building include but are not limited to: Fast delivery & erection time, welding & cutting is done at the factory, they are custom designed to your specifications & requirements, construction is simple & easy to bolt together, steel buildings are non-combustible, easy to expand in the future

What do I receive with my steel building kit?

Every steel building includes the following:

  • Commercial, solid red iron I-beam frames
  • Pre-welded clips for easy erection, all pre-cut
  • All necessary roof purlins and wall girts
  • 22-26 gauge paneling
  • Complete trim package
  • Carbon steel Fasteners with a lifetime warranty
  • All necessary hardware, nuts, bolts and self drilling screws
  • Heavy Industrial Rod Bracing & Closures
  • Up to a 40 year finish warranty on panels
  • Weather Lock roof system, 80k psi including all washers and mastics
  • 3 sets of Stamped certified engineered drawings
  • Base closures for weather tightness
  • Dedicated project manager
Where does Allied Steel deliver to?

We deliver pre-cut, ready for assembly structures, directly to your job site anywhere in the U.S. and Globally from one of our factories.

If I do erect the building myself, what tools will I need?

Aside from the typical tools you'd likelyhave on hand, you'll need industrial lifting equipment to lift the rafters and columns. Rafters can weigh anywhere from 500 to 700 pounds. Other equipment may include a track loader, forklift, front-end loader & screw guns. You will receive a building erection manual with the details.

What are the foundation requirements?

Steel buildings are typically erected on a perimeter foundation or on piers. If you choose to pour a concrete slab, it can typically be poured at the same time as the perimeter foundation, however, some steel buildings, such as farm or agricultural buildings, only require piers. As with many elements, many factors come down to the building use, specific requirements & customizations.

Who will design the foundation?

"Your steel building design includes an anchor bolt plan that provides the building’s reactions and dimensions. If you hire a foundation engineer (which is highly recommended), they will take this information and properly design your foundation."

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