12 Retro 70s Theme Party Decoration Ideas To Travel Back In Time

Looking for unique 70s theme party decoration ideas? We’re glad to hear it since Peerspace can help you get in the groove.

The 70s were one of the most iconic decades in recent history. Think funky color schemes, shag carpeting, and sleek mid-century flair. You could draw on this wealth of funky inspiration to curate your unique retro party decor – or better yet, head to a 70’s-inspired Peerspace venue and let the space itself be your decor.

Peerspace is the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, with local hosts decorating their party pads to the max and listing them on our platform for guests like you to enjoy. With the perfect Peerspace, your guests will feel totally transported in time, and you won’t have to go all-out decorating yourself.

Sound groovy to you? Cool! Here are our favorite retro 70s theme party decoration ideas to elevate your next throwback party.

1. Add a pop of florals

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Bright, sunny colors and floral patterns were hallmark designs in the 1970s. So why not bring those uplifting vibes into your party decor? Decorate with shades of yellow, orange, and chartreuse to give your party a groovy effect.

Take a hint from this sunny home in Los Angeles, which is bursting with a warm and welcoming retro style. It’s a 700-square-foot home with wall-to-wall 70s decor. Its oversized floral wallpapers, shower curtain, blankets, and dining tabletop make it the perfect spot to celebrate 70s flower decor.

2. Go 70s Hawaii with a tiki bar

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Want your guests to feel transported to a tropical Hawaiian vacation, 70s style? Then set up a tiki bar at your party space, complete with tiki torches, thatched patio umbrellas, and rattan chairs. Love the idea but are not crazy about all the decorating that this idea necessitates?

No worries! With Peerspace, you can book a private tiki bar in cities across the globe. One of our favorites is this vintage tiki backyard setup in Long Beach, CA. It boasts a fun tiki bar shed, alongside a groovy pool, atmospheric lighting, and more 70s party decor must-haves.

3. Decorate with psychedelic fabric

LA magic fairy land
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Here’s a psychedelic 1970s party decor idea to set the vibe in any space!

Grab some retro-patterned blankets or tapestries, then hang them on the walls to create a psychedelic space. This colorful art installation in LA has immersive decor down pat. The way the sunlight shines through the tapestries is totally magical. It’s like stepping into a 70s dreamland!

And check out this insightful Peerspace review left by a past renter: “Great space & an even better host! Laurie was so generous and extremely helpful with whatever we needed during our time at her space. Her cat, Peach was a great host as well lol. All in all, a wonderful space that any creative would love to be in.”

Now that you have the decor, discover our 10 retro 70s party ideas here!

4. Throw down some shag carpeting

70s Theme Party Decoration Ideas
Source: Peerspace

Don’t neglect the floor at your venue! Create an immersive atmosphere for your guests by laying down shag rugs or carpet scraps. Remember to color-coordinate with your existing party decor for a cohesive look.

If you want a perfect example, check out this shag palace in Arlingtion, Texas. There’s glorious original shag in almost every square inch of this quirky 1970s home – even in the bathrooms. See how they coordinate the carpeting with the rest of the funky designs on Peerspace.

5. Capture rustic vibes

retro cabin in frazier park
Source: Peerspace

Take things down a notch with 70s theme party decoration ideas like this one.

The 70s weren’t flamboyant all the time. Sometimes, a touch of rustic charm does the trick to create a peaceful, laid-back vibe for some 70s-inspired fun. This retro 70s cabin in Frazier Park, CA feels like coming home to a mountain retreat in the middle of the woods. All that groovy paneling helps create a cozy vibe that’s totally authentic for a vintage party.

6. Make it mod with color blocks

70s Theme Party Decoration Ideas
Source: Peerspace

Pop art and mod designs were big in the early 1970s. When you combine this cool color block look with mid-century design sense, it’s the perfect recipe for a groovy time.

Check out how this retro home uses blocks of color to make a statement in the space. How cute are those pop-art dice ottomans by the fireplace? To inspire yourself with more photos, head to Peerspace and see the rest of the space. 

7. Let the light in with groovy stained glass

70s Theme Party Decoration Ideas
Source: Peerspace

Here’s a unique 1970s party decoration idea! Paint with light by decorating with stained glass window stickers in warm 70s-inspired colors.

You can find stained glass window clings in groovy patterns online. Or better yet – find a Peerspace venue with vintage stained glass built-in. The blocky stained glass in this retro loft creates a warm and cozy atmosphere. It even creates dreamy designs when it shines on the furniture! Don’t you just want to melt into that sofa and put on a record?

“The space was larger than expected,” shares a Peerspace reviewer. “Had so many props and things to use. Absolutely gorgeous space and will definitely book again. The ladies who own the space were so kind and accommodating!!”

8. Get your groove on beneath a disco ball

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Source: Peerspace

Come on. Would it really be a 1970s party without a disco ball? Grab a reflective disco ball online, then hang it from the ceiling to get your guests in the mood for dancing.

To create a unique lighting effect, try to find a spot at your venue where the spinning lights would stand out. This eclectic “disco church” in San Diego, CA has the right idea. The disco ball sits in an adorable circular nook, creating magical effects on the walls and ceilings.

Check out this venue’s Peerspace listing page to learn about its fascinating history, check out all its photos, and, of course, get to booking!

9. Turn up the lights with LED furniture

Fully Equipped Event Space with White Leather Lounge and LED furniture
Source: Peerspace

If you’re looking for more fun ways to play with light, LED lights could be the trick you’re looking for. This retro dance club in Franklin Township, NJ uses light-up LED furniture to create an immersive atmosphere that’s above and beyond for guests. The minimal color scheme means that the lights have a chance to create truly groovy patterns on the walls and ceiling.

Ensure your party memories last the decades by utilizing our groovy 70s photoshoot ideas!

10. Let out your inner gamer with arcade machines

70s Theme Party Decoration Ideas
Source: Peerspace

Retro arcades were the place to be back in the day. Pay homage to the birth of video games by decorating your venue like a 1970s arcade. This amazing retro man cave has the arcade vibe down to a T.

All the arcade machines and cozy retro furniture create an immersive atmosphere that’s built with parties in mind. Oh, and the retro wall art? That’s next-level party decor!

11. Let your creativity run wild with psychedelic wall art

70s Theme Party Decoration Ideas
Source: Peerspace

The walls are a blank canvas for you to express your creativity. If you’re at home, you can hang 70s-inspired artwork to create a fun vibe at your retro party.

But this psychedelic event space takes things to the next level with all its colorful artwork right on the walls. It’s also home to a DJ booth and LED lights to get the party rolling. It’s a bold event space that’s ideal for a 1970s-inspired bash.

“Jessi was awesome and the space was just as advertised,” shares a Peerspace renter in their informative review. “The security guards we hired through Jessi were amazing… super helpful and friendly and effective. We had a birthday party here and it was so nice to not need to worry about the music volume for dancing. It’s in a part of downtown which is completely closed after 6pm. So happy we found this space!”

12. Go for a 70s nightclub theme

colorful jungle disco rental in LA
Source: Peerspace

Create a luxe nightclub atmosphere for your 1970s party with colorful lights, a slew of textures, and artwork. If you really want to go the extra mile, this Los Angeles vintage disco jungle loft blends 70s disco touches with chic nightclub furnishings. As always, you can see more photos of this breathtaking space on Peerspace.

70s theme party decoration ideas: conclusion

yucca valley dreamy 70s coyote house
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70s theme parties are alive and well in the hearts of partygoers everywhere. And with Peerspace, you can easily book an already-on-theme event space that will delight you and your guests. Check us out and start exploring today!

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